PEREGRINE falcons feeding their newborn chicks could be spotted at three special viewing events in Colchester.

The town’s sixth form college is running its Peregrine Watch event for the second year, starting next Sunday, May 26.

The North Hill site is ideally placed to watch the adult falcons feeding their young once the eggs have hatched, which could happen any day now.

Along with student volunteers, bird of prey expert Peter Merchant will be on hand to help visitors observe the peregrines and to talk about wider conservation issues.

The other viewings will be on June 2 and 9 between 10am and 2pm.

Pedestrian entry only is from North Hill.

Last year the peregrines successfully raised three young at Jumbo.

One of the young birds had to be rescued after crashing onto Head Street on its first flight.

Fortunately a member of the public got in touch with the Sixth Form College, and after a brief period of rest and recuperation under Mr Merchant’s supervision, it was able to rejoin its parents.