PROPERTY experts say the housing market in Essex is still performing well despite uncertainty around Brexit.

Savills in Chelmsford held a research event outlining trends and looking ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Stephen White, head of office, said the first few months of the year had been challenging but families moving from London wanting value for money continued to fuel the market with the number of registered buyers up 20 per cent this time last year.

Mr White said: “Within the last ten years we have never been busier.

“We are fortunate to live in a popular area – with great connectivity, superb schools and excellent value for money.

“That’s not to say it hasn’t been a challenge.

“We are having to work hard but the market is good.

“People have had enough of waiting and there’s a genuine sense that they now just want to get on with things.

“Sensibly priced properties that are best in class, in good condition or offer something truly special continue to generate strong interest.”

Mr White said rural locations are proving increasingly popular for young families.

Since 2007/8, house prices have increased across north Essex. Research has found Colchester prices have risen 31.8 per cent in the past decade while house prices have increased by 26.2 per cent in Tendring.

In Braintree, house prices have risen by 37.5 per cent and in Maldon prices have risen by 44.2 per cent.

The East of England as a whole has seen prices rise by 38 per cent since the peak of 2007/8 – the highest increase outside of London.

Mr White said: “We’ve seen a surge in young families going back into rural areas, especially if the property is ready to move in to straight away and requires little maintenance.

“Access to superfast broadband is also a huge driver.

“You can do so much nowadays with a click of a button and people are wanting an easier, more relaxed way of life.

“The county also offers great value for money.

“A two bedroom flat in Islington in London, for example, could be as much as £2 million.

“Compare that to what you could get around here and it’s an easy decision.”