Firefighters put out a blaze after eggs were left boiling on a hob. 

Crews from Colchester and Wivenhoe were called to the flat in Kendall Road at 2.08pm today. 

On arrival firefighters reported that there was smoke coming from a self-contained flat inside the building and quickly worked to ensure there was no one inside.

Crews located the source of the smoke in the kitchen and made the scene safe by 3pm.

Station Manager Partridge, Colchester Fire Station, said: "The smoke was caused by a pan of eggs had which had been left boiling on the hob and then burnt dry.

"This incident shows how important it is not to leave cooking unattended as well as ensuring you have a working smoke alarm.

"Set an alarm or timer to remind yourself of when your cooking will be ready and then you're less likely to forget about it."

The kitchen has suffered some smoke damage.