PERFORMING arts students were commended for their talents at an Oscars-style event.

Colchester Sixth Form College hosted the awards ceremony and this year’s guest speaker was ex-student Kaia Goodenough.

She graduated from London Studio Centre in 2016 and is the first associate junior artist at the dance school Dance East.

All subject areas in performing arts nominated students for awards in their specialisms.

There was also an award presented to a student who has shown exceptional commitment to the department through their involvement in extracurricular activities, which went to second year drama, music and performing Arts student Alex Terry.

The department also gave special recognition to three students who have helped the department in specific areas.

Grace McBurney created a show reel for the college website, Dion Duke took photos of students’ practical work and Andrew Carrington-Moule directed a musical theatre production.

Head of department Alison Gaukroger said: “It was a positive and well attended event and a lovely way to celebrate the many achievements of our students.”

The winners of other categories were: Drama and theatre written work, Gareth Moriarty; Performing Arts performance award, Hugo Bragg; Composition in music, Nicole Roffey; Dance ambassador, Sandra Maduoma; Most improved student in Music Technology, Max Brand; Commitment and effort in Drama and Theatre, Emeline Eslamian; Most improved Performing Arts BTEC, Victoria Cardoso and Amber Fisher; Best Performance for music, Millie Watson; Above and beyond in dance, Rebecca Mahoney; Drama and Theatre performance award, Adam Dunston; Performing Arts BTEC written award, Gareth Moriarty; Contribution award for music, Joshua Bobby; Most improved student in dance, Mischia McLeod; RADA Shakespeare award, Emily Adkinson; Overall contribution to BTEC Performing Arts, Emily Adkinson & Shani Kantor; Composition award in Music Technology, Joy Bakare; Most committed and enthusiastic student in dance, Jess Woods; Award for collaborative group work in BTEC Performing Arts,Kayleigh Saunders, Gracie-Mae Pettitt, Holly Felgate, Maisie Warner.