PARENTS of a little girl with Down’s Syndrome are going the extra mile to prove life has no limits.

Helen Medel Gonzalez and her husband, Christian, are taking on a mountain climb for a charity supporting children like their daughter Mia, three.


Mia has Down’s Syndrome and her parents want to dispel the idea the condition is a barrier.

They will be climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales during the May half term to raise money and awareness for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

Helen, from Colchester, said: “The charity does a lot of work with individuals to raise awareness and they do a lot of research.

“Mia is amazing, we have a lot of hospital appointments in Colchester and at Addenbrooke’s Hospital but she is a superstar.

“She loves going to nursery, playing outdoors and being with her brother, Zac, who is five. She is a very adventurous little girl.”


One baby in every 1,000 born in the UK has Down’s Syndrome and there are around 40,000 people with the condition living in the UK.

Helen said: “We want to dispel the ignorance and we want to make people aware as you should never judge somebody because of their condition. There are no limitations.”

The couple will be staying in Wales for a week and Helen’s parents will come along with Mia and Zac.

They will take the train to the top of Mount Snowdon to greet the couple and cheer them on.


Helen said: “This is the first proper mountain climb we have done, we are really looking forward to it but just hope it doesn’t rain.”