A MOTION calling for a ban on all forms of hunting with dogs on council-owned land is set to be debated.

The bid, put forward by Colchester councillor Lee Scordis, will go before Essex County Council next week.

It calls on the council to “not to allow any future trail hunting and exercising of packs of fox hounds” on its land.

Trail-hunting involves laying of a scent across the countryside which a pack of hounds then searches for and follows.

Mr Scordis’ move comes weeks after Nottinghamshire County Council voted to ban hunts on all land it owns.

Hunting foxes with dogs is illegal in Britain, but there are a number of exemptions which Labour councillors said were being used to get round the law.

Mr Scordis, who represents Abbey ward on the county council, said his motion had been inspired by colleagues in Nottinghamshire.

He said they hoped the move would close loopholes which the party claims hunters use to avoid the ban.

“It had been put forward by Nottinghamshire County Council, however, our motion is worded slightly differently,” he said.

“We are all passionate about animal welfare in the Labour party.

“It would only encompass Essex County Council owned areas as we can only enforce that as a council.”

A number of hunt events are held across Essex each year.


These include the annual Maldon New Year’s Day hunt and in recent years the Castle Hedingham Boxing Day hunt.

Mr Scordis said it was time for the council to get behind opposition to the hunts from the public.

“I completely abhor any type of hunting that goes on,” he said.

“Killing any animal is disgusting.

“I think it speaks for itself. We are passionate about making sure the loopholes are covered on fox hunting.

“We have to be much more progressive - we don’t live in the 18th century any more.”

The motion, which was seconded by Laindon Park councillor Allan Davies, will go before the council on Tuesday.

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