A RUNNER who fractured her hip 16 miles into the London Marathon said she went back to settle unfinished business.

Nine years ago Kate Gibson attempted the marathon with friends Paula Johns and Marie Murphy.

They were running for a sports disability charity.

However, after feeling some pain in her knee in training, Kate collapsed at the 16th mile and was unable to finish.

Now she has fully recovered, she went back to successfully complete the marathon this year.

Kate, 49, from Colchester, said: “I had some pain in my knee while I was training.

“We started the run and I made it to mile three and I felt some discomfort.

“By mile 16 my leg just went from underneath me, I got taken into the ambulance tent and no-one was sure what had happened.

“The pain was excruciating and I couldn’t continue.”

A couple of days later she went to Colchester Hospital and X-rays showed she had a fractured hip.

The next day she had an operation and now has metal pins in her hip. Thankfully she is no longer in pain.


She said: “My left side has been fine since it happened, it was unfinished business for me and I can’t explain how much it meant for me to run this year.

“It’s all I’ve talked about for the past nine years. We cried when we finished.”

They crossed the line in a time of five hours.

Kate said: “To be honest I just wanted to finish in one piece, there were five of us running together. The others were brilliant and made all the difference.

“I was really nervous and anxious but the atmosphere is second to none.”

She was supported this year by her family, including daughter, Poppy, and son, Jules.

She ran for MACS, a charity supporting children born without eyes.

Her friend, Paula Johns, ran with her both times.

Paula, 48, said: “It was horrific the first time.

“We had all made a pact to stick together and Kate didn’t want to quit as she runs for the Colchester Harriers.

“We were walking at a snails pace with our arms around her.

“When she got her fitness back this was something she wanted to do.

“No matter how much training you do nothing prepares you, it’s overwhelming.”