A CAR park steward has claimed he was shunted by a car when he tried to stop someone jumping the queue.

Michael Porter was on duty at the JobServe Community Stadium after Colchester United defeated Grimsby Town 1-0 on Good Friday.

As motorists were patiently waiting to leave, a Nissan Navara driver overtook other people and then tried to remove cones laid out to funnel traffic into a single file.

After asking him to stop, Mr Porter said the driver pushed him with his car.

Mr Porter, 24, said the motorist had driven across a path in the main car park, and at unsuitable speeds in a bid to beat the queue, get into the adjoining south car park and out onto the roads.

He said: “He drove straight up to the cones where I had told him to stop.

“He shouted lots of abuse and asked me if I knew who he was and that he had to get away quickly.

“He got out of the car and started to move the cones.

“I got in front of the vehicle as it wasn’t safe for him to move it with pedestrians around whether he wanted to go or not.

“He then proceeded forward, pushing me along the road probably two car lengths back.

“I was telling him to stop and got louder, and I got the attention of PCSOs who were nearby.

“They spoke to him about my role in managing the traffic and said his behaviour wasn’t on.”

At the next available opportunity, the driver was allowed to leave the car park and aimed another volley of verbal abuse at Mr Porter.

He has now written an incident report about what happened which has been passed onto the club.

Mr Porter, who is coming to the end of his eighth season of stewarding at the U’s said it was fairly uncommon to experience this type of behaviour, and he had never seen anything quite this bad.

He said: “This is the first time anything like this has happened to me personally.

“But you hear things happening to other people.

“Usually you get one incident every one-and-a-half seasons or thereabouts.”