YOUTH services across the county have been cut by nearly 70 per cent since 2010, according to new statistical analysis compiled by the Labour Party.

The analysis, created using Department for Education figures, claims services for young people in Essex have suffered a real-term cut of £67 per child since 2010.

In 2010/11 spending per child was at £99 each, whereas last year it was recorded 68 per cent down at £32 a year.

Jane Blomeley, chief executive officer of the Youth Enquiry Service charity in Colchester, said the figures were not surprising.

She said: “Youth services have been disproportionally cut by austerity.

“It has made things difficult for charities like us. Funding for our counselling service has now ended. We are seeking urgently other alternatives to support the children and young people who use it.

“It will become unsustainable if we cannot find replacement funding.

“At this point in time we have some reserves and we are supporting the counselling service with them but that can’t go on forever.”

Gazette: Jane Blomeley, chief executive of the Youth Enquiry Service in ColchesterJane Blomeley, chief executive of the Youth Enquiry Service in Colchester

YES used to receive funding from Essex County Council and the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group however in this financial year the only statutory support will be from Colchester Council.

Tina McKay, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Colchester, said: “Government cuts have left youth services across the country devastated.”

Figures released by the Department for Education state councils’ gross spend on schools, education and children’s and young people’s services for 2017/18 was £39.6 billion, a reduction of £0.7 billion from 2016/17 in nominal terms.