Volunteer police officers will be hitting the beat in a village after councillors and residents gave their backing to plans.

Three Special Constables will soon be on patrol in Kelvedon after its parish council agreed to provide the cash to pay for the officers.

Villagers were invited to share their thoughts on the idea before councillors held a vote on whether to go ahead.

Parish council chairman India Jayatillake said: "Following a very warm reception from local residents for the proposed Special Constable scheme Kelvedon Parish Council has voted to support the scheme, and we will be budgeting for up to three Special Constables to work in Kelvedon.

"We will now be working with Essex Police to recruit the right people for the roles, and look forward to having a police presence in our village once again.

"While crime levels remain low in Kelvedon, this scheme will ensure that when residents do have concerns about crimes or antisocial behaviour there are police officers available with local knowledge who will be able to act in a timely manner."

Special constables have the same powers as paid officers and must be on duty for a minimum of 16 hours each month in their council area.

Essex Police says many of its existing specials put in closer to 45 hours.

Witham Town Council became the first in the county to sign up to the initiative, which costs councils up to £1,000 a year, last summer.