The problem with the strapline “Colchester - Britain’s oldest recorded town" (Gazette Letters, April 19, "First City claim is fake news") is the very distinct possibility that at any moment it will become untrue.

That claim relies entirely on the belief the reference to Colchester by Roman Pliny the elder is the oldest that there is.

If an older reference to any other town is discovered, then Colchester will knocked off its perch leaving us with nothing at all.

For example, scholars are arguing over a piece of stone that has been dug up with the word Londinium on it, which is somewhat older than Pliny.


The fact Colchester was Britain’s first city is demonstrably true and can never be disproved.

I will have to take issue with the statement that Colchester is an unpleasant place in which to to live.

We have no more problem with drugs litter and alcohol than any other settlement of comparable size and our problems with empty shops reflect the national malaise, coupled with the lack of confidence in our town by those who live in it and the inexorable rise of out-of-town shopping areas.

Anyone that has spent time in any reasonably large city will know that Colchester is pretty good. In fact it has it all.


The biggest Norman castle keep in the country built on top of the remains of the first major Roman temple to be built in Britain, a nearly complete Roman wall, two Roman theatres, the only Roman Circus, the largest and best preserved Victorian water tower in Britain, a beautiful Gothic Town Hall, more arts and culture then the rest of Essex and Suffolk put together, fascinating history amazing park and wonderful countryside.

Perhaps Colchester United might do better but we can’t have everything!

Downsides? Yes ,there are a few. Like potholes, traffic and pollution, but nothing that can't be solved with a bit of energy and common sense.

Dorian Kelly

Gladstone Road, Colchester