A FAMILY who became the focus of a TV documentary for keeping a horse in their garage said the show has gone down a storm with neighbours.

Johnny and Andrea Beaney made headlines when featuring in the Channel 5 programme “Gypsies Next Door” on Thursday.


Unusual - Mary the horse in her new home


Family - the three children are big fans of Mary

The couple, along with their three children Scarlet, nine, Jack Jo, 11, and Bobby, two, were chronicled moving into their home, in Nevendon Road, Wickford, and putting their horse Mary in the front garage.

The family had relocated from land opposite the Dale Farm site, near Crays Hill, with Mr Beaney insisting Mary come with them.

Now, a few days after the show was broadcast, he said he and his family have been well received by the people of Wickford.

The 49-year-old said: “We’ve had really positive feedback from people all over the traveller community.

“We’ve lived on some poultry land most of our lives, but no matter where we go, we’ll always be travellers at heart.

“Channel 5 showed how many people actually quite liked Mary there, even after filming we had people coming up to see her, feeding her - they were loving it.

“I think it was around August last year they came to film, but recently we’ve actually moved Mary out of the garage.

“She kept banging and clattering around at night, and the noise would vibrate through the whole house, waking us all up.

“She’s now in a field around the way with three other horses. She’s very happy and comfortable there - it’s the best place for her.”

Mr Beaney, a self-employed roofer, said he has been recognised across Wickford, and has already had Channel 5 asking if his family would be interested in featuring on TV again.

He added: “I had someone come up to my door and shake my hand, saying that I was very honest about everything.

“I said to the guys there that I was not going to lie, I would just tell the truth about everything. I’m really happy with how it came out.

“I’ve actually already had the chief exec of Channel 5 give me a call the other day asking if I would be at all interested in having our family feature in a show entirely dedicated to us, which is very exciting.”

l “Gypsies Next Door” will run for another seven weeks on Thursdays at 9pm.