Maldon's own Instagram cleaning sensation, Mrs Hinch is a best selling author.

Sophie Hinchliffe, 28's first book, Hinch Yourself Happy is the second fastest selling non-fiction title ever, and is a number one best seller on Amazon and Sunday Times.

Mrs Hinch has amassed a following of 2.3million on Instagram, giving tips and advice on how to keep your home clean and tidy as well as showing off a host of home bargains.

Hinch Yourself Happy has been so successful in its first few weeks that it topped autobiographies from Michelle Obama, Sir Alex Ferguson and many more.

The book has been a best seller since it became available to pre-order in February.

She celebrated the book's release on her Instagram, thanking her fans, who she calls the "Hinchers".

Mrs Hinch, said: "I never thought I would ever become the Sunday Times Best Selling Author!

"A book chart didn't even know existed if I'm honest, let alone make it to the top.

"I wanted to dedicate this to every single one of my Hinchers, from the bottom of my heart."

Speaking on This Morning about her "overwhelming" success, she added the support from her followers has in fact been life changing.

Mrs Hinch told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield the book came about after she had received thousands of questions from her "Hinchers".

She said: "It was meant to be something for us to have as a team, they can refer to it and it solidifies everything for them.

"It is fun too - I wanted everyone at some point in the book to just laugh at one thing.

"Fingers crossed I've achieved it."

Mrs Hinch, who formally worked as a hairdresser has gathered her huge following within two years.

As well as celebrating the success of her new book, she is also awaiting the arrival of her first baby.

The book also focuses on how to relieve personal anxiety and stress and in her opinion, she is promoting a more important service than many other accounts on Instagram do today.

She said: "With social media nowadays, there is so much pressure that everything has to be expensive or designer, but I love a bargain and I love helping everyone else find these bargains.

"I would rather promote the best cleaning product out there than I would the best designer bag.

"There is no worse feeling than when you are sat there, you get that heat in your chest, you start worry and panicking for no reason, and you cannot get rid of it.

"So for me, I will grab my mop and my hoover and I will get going.

"When you feel at your weakest, you are still achieving something."

Mrs Hinch's new book, Hinch Yourself Happy is available now.