On Monday, April 1 after a shopping trip to the Dunelm store in Colchester my wife Diane and I returned our purchases to the car.

Our vehicle was parked in a disabled space some 50 metres from the shop.

My wife then returned the shopping trolley to the storage area.

Several minutes later I was startled by a gentleman tapping on the car window. He told me my wife had fallen over a speed bump.

The gentleman had witnessed the fall and he, another gentleman and two ladies had gone to help.

These four unknown individuals were brilliant. They cared for her until I arrived and administered first aid.

They were genuinely nice people who went out of their way to be compassionate.

After the incident I took my wife to the medical centre in Turner Road.

She was seen by an excellent member of the team. The nurse cleaned and dressed her wounds over her eyebrow and to her thumb. The nurse checked her ribs as well.

We are pleased to report to those involved that her eye is on the mend and that the bruising is subsiding.

The open wounds have healed nicely but her ribs remain a bit sore.

The experience could have been so much worse had these "good samaritans" helped.

In this strange world it is heartening to find there are still some members of society who are prepared to get involved and show someone else some kindness.

Brian Love

Caelum Drive, Colchester

Editor's note: Mr Love would like to get in touch with the people who helped. Email gazette.letters@newsqeust.co.uk.