I WAS under the impression Colchester Council's attempt to get city status had been rejected but was acknowledged correctly as "England’s oldest recorded town”, marking the Roman occupation in setting their garrison here and creating a town at what had been a Trinovantes hill fort.

Why then is the council erecting these truly ghastly signs on the edge of the borough proclaiming: “Britain’s 1st City”?

It should be noted the Wikipedia entry for Colchester has been "adjusted" to support this claim. Fake news?

Why the need to inform the mass of traffic heading south on the A134 they are heading into Colchester? The road goes nowhere else.

This sign sits on the very borough boundary 6.5 miles from the town centre in the Dedham Vale Stour Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Nothing could be less appropriate. The local people consider themselves to be part of their villages not Colchester, and why would they?

Just look at the mess that once pretty, friendly successful market town is now.

So factually wrong, gaudy, inappropriate, wrongly situated and a huge waste of public money.

It’s a comfort to know our wonderful old town is being so well run and its surrounding countryside treasured and protected.

Well done to the council, another success to add to its list of overcrowded, over congested, over developed, crime and drug infested and a thoroughly unpleasant place to live or visit.

Much money is being made out of Colchester but to the detriment of the historic infrastructure and its long suffering residents.

Councillors would do well to remember they are elected by the people for the people and that it’s time to realise enough is enough.

Fred Grosch