A PSYCHIC medium has called for more to be done to keep people safe on social media after he was targeted by abusive trolls.

Chris Riley, 24, has more than 300,000 followers on Facebook after starting work as a medium when he was a teenager.

But over the past few weeks he has received abusive messages online publicly - some from others in the same industry - which have even become threatening.

To address what had happened, Mr Riley, who lives in Lexden, posted his own video to his followers to talk about some of the personal accusations which had been made.

Speaking to the Gazette he said: “The last four or five weeks I have been getting a lot of grief.

“You expect some things on social media but it has been coming from a particular group of people who started posting about me and my work.

“They don’t know me from Adam but they started posting about my personal life on social media.

“ I would expect any psychic medium, or spiritualist to be of kindness and good nature, considering they are helping people that are grieving.

“It was quite aggressive and threatening and meant that I had to give in and address it and put myself out there.

“Since then it has got worse.”

Mr Riley has now reported the abuse to the police and wants social media companies to do more.

He said: “They absolutely do not do enough.

“You can report things but there is no support.

“There are people with even bigger followings than me on Instagram and they are taking abuse all the time - it is just so wrong.

“It has made me feel disgusted and a bit depressed.

“I can totally understand how people could end up feeling really down about things like this.

“I now worry at night if I hear the door - what is stopping these people coming to my house?”

Mr Riley first started reading tarot cards when he was 14 and then began to have visions about people who had died.

When his own grandfather passed away he visited a medium which helped his grief and then decided to try to do the same for others.

He thanked people who have sent him well-wishes since he publicised the negative comments.

He said: “The support that I have had had been incredible.

“But sometimes just a little bit of bad can outweigh all of the good.”