A COUPLE with a disabled son have had enough of a hospital’s parking system after being unfairly ticketed twice.

William Goodson, two, has Angelman Syndrome meaning he cannot walk or talk.

He requires regular visits to Colchester Hospital for therapy.

On April 1 William and mum Emma attended a follow-up appointment and Emma, from Messing, parked in the new disabled car park to the south side of the children’s unit. This car park used to be part of the staff parking but recently changed.

William’s dad, Andrew, said: “My son has a blue badge and the badge was correctly displayed and the vehicle had been registered with the parking scheme as required.

“Despite following all of the required steps we received a parking ticket which was issued on April 4.

“This ticket said we had parked in the staff share car park suggesting the system had not been properly updated.”

It was the second ticket Andrew received for the same reason. He appealed against the decision.

Andrew said: “As I was so frustrated I reached out on twitter to Nick Hulme, the chief executive.

“Mr Hulme has been reasonable and agreed to meet with us, but it should not take involving him to get matters sorted.”

The family’s complaints have been long running. They first complained in December with concerns they could only register one car with a blue badge.

Andrew said: “On top of these regular emergency admissions my son has about one appointment a week at the hospital.

“He has pretty much grown up on the children’s ward and is only still alive today because of the clinical staff. That is why it is such a shame the parking has made such a huge issue.”

Nick Hulme, chief executive of the Trust which runs Colchester Hospital, said: “We are really sorry this has happened.

“We have a new system and we know there have been some issues that we’re working to resolve.”