SIR Vince Cable knocked on doors and spoke to voters as he lent his support to Lib Dem candidates on a visit to Colchester.

The party leader spent time in the town on Monday while on a whistlestop tour of the country.

During his visit he spoke to voters in Mile End and was brought up to speed on issues affecting residents including congestion at North Station and delays to a new secondary school.

Mr Cable was visiting Colchester ahead of the elections on May 2.

Mile End councillor David King said: “He came to support us in Colchester. He is the party leader and he wanted to meet up and also make contact with Martin Goss, our Parliamentary candidate.

“He was out on the doorstep meeting the voters in Mile End and showing his support. Often canvassing is a bit of a cold and lonely job knocking on doors and asking people for opinions.

“It was good Sir Vince could spare the time to speak to us and the local activists.

“He is a person of significance. He is a statesman and there are not many of them about.

“It was great to have Sir Vince on the doorstep, getting a warm welcome and supporting activists.

“People were having tea but they made time to talk to him.”

Fellow Mile End councillor Mr Goss later hosted Mr Cable at his home.

Campaigners were then invited for a drink with the long-serving politician.

Mr Goss said: “He received a warm welcome from residents who clearly knew who he was.

“It was really nice to show Vince was just a normal guy who was approachable.

“We spoke to him about some of the issues around here such as school places, the need to build this new secondary school and about congestion around the North Station area.

“He gave us some sage advice. It was really successful and motivational.”

In a Tweet Mr Cable said: “Out with Lib Dem activists in Colchester where the local party wants to bring more school places, act on drugs, protect the environment and strengthen communities.

“A great example of the Liberal Democrats who will deliver a caring, competent and creative council.”

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