A PRESCRIPTION delivery driver attempted to rape a vulnerable pensioner in her own home, slapped her backside and said he would come to her house in women’s clothing for sex during a horrific six week ordeal.

Dennis Reed initially went to the woman’s Colchester home once a week delivering medication to help her with her ill health in his professional capacity.

But the former soldier then became more involved, helping the woman with her finances and, unbeknown to her, cutting himself a key.

Reed then started to visit almost daily and his behaviour became more sexually charged and aggressive.

During a six-week period last summer, Reed, 69, tried to force himself on the victim, dragged her into her bedroom and attempted to remove her jumper while making comments about her body and performed a sex act in her home, telling her she would have to do as she was told.

Reed also slapped the victim on her backside, forced his tongue into her mouth while he kissed her and said he would come to her house dressed as a woman and have sex with her.

She eventually opened up partially about what had happened to a visiting hairdresser who encouraged her to talk to police.

Reed initially rejected the accusations, saying someone had put the woman up to it and denied the charges in court.

But he later admitted one count of attempted rape, three sexual assaults and common assault.

Chelmsford Crown Court, heard Reed, of Sydney Street, Colchester, had a depressive disorder which would require years of treatment but that it was not a factor in his offending.

However, psychiatrist Dr David Baird recommended Reed be made subject to a hospital order rather than sent to prison.

Judge David Turner QC said Reed’s behaviour was predatory but agreed a hospital order with special restrictions was suitable for Reed.

He said: “This is by no means a let off.

“The prediction is it will be a number of years before he is let out.”

He added: “She had grown to trust you and you gravely betrayed that trust.

“Then you lied about what you had done in a prepared statement which is frankly shameful - saying that she was lying.”

Judge Turner also expressed sympathy for the woman who has been left insecure, anxious and unsettled by the attacks and now gets worried whenever someone comes to her door.

Reed, who has no previous convictions, will be remanded to Edward House - a low-security, inpatient facility for people with mental health problems at The Linden Centre in Chelmsford.