FED-UP residents are lamenting “inconsiderate” drivers who leave their cars blocking pavements.

It comes as it was revealed a ban on parking on the kerb could be considered by the Government to stop selfish drivers who block pedestrians way.

The Government’s transport committee launched an inquiry into the problem and has invited people to share experiences and suggest solutions as to how it can be tackled.

As it stands, there is no national ban on parking on the pavement except in London.

Elsewhere drivers can park if it is not in a dangerous position or causing an obstruction.

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Readers shared examples of parking blocking pavements in Wivenhoe, at Colchester station and on estates including Mortimer Gardens, off Mill Road.

Many residents called for better planning when developers are given permission for new housing estates.

One resident said: “Unfortunately where we live the road is not wide enough for vehicles to access the road between cars parked both sides on the road, hence part parked on the pavement.

“Our houses do have garages but, due to lack of width, once in the garage it is difficult to vacate the car.

“Should visitors turn up, or services such as an ambulance are needed, they too will not be able to access the narrow strip of road between vehicles parked either side.”

Another added: “It should be banned but unfortunately there’s been thousands of housing estates built with no suitable parking, so can’t see how this can possibly work. Too little too late as per normal.”

One reader she could not use her own driveway due to bad parking.

She said: “My whole street is taken up on both sides by cars.

“I can’t even use my own driveway sometimes as inconsiderate neighbours park like they own the pavements.

“People with prams/wheelchairs can’t get access to some areas due to selfish people.”

Highwoods councillor Gerard Oxford said he was inundated with messages from concerned residents.

He said: “It is absolutely right too, our residents are really annoyed about this and destruction of grass verges by parking on them too.

“Our mailbag has these two issues as the top two.”

The transport committee is calling for written evidence on the following:

  • the impact of pavement parking
  • the enforcement of pavement parking offences and
  • enforcement and, if necessary, reform of traffic regulation orders need to deal with pavement parking.

The closing date to submit written evidence is May 14. Visit www.parliament.uk.