IN reply to the article in the Gazette (March 21, "I'm suing the Department of Transport over bus gates"), there are a few things I would like to point out to the motorists who have difficult in recognising bus lanes or bus gates.

These routes have big signs in blue with the appropriate traffic symbols that are allowed through such lanes.

They are clearly marked on approach to the area with different to the area with different colour road coverings.

There are also signs directing non-allowed traffic to different routes.

May I suggest the drivers this affects that can't distinguish the difference should go back for a refresher at a driving school but don't go back to the one where the instructor doesn't know how to instruct his pupils.

Maybe in the future, more drivers can be more observant to road furniture then this moaning and groaning can stop and they can be like the majority of drivers who do understand the rights and wrongs.

DJ Daniel

Mersea Road, Colchester