CARIBBEAN-themed restaurant brand Turtle Bay is introducing new traditions to diners this Easter which feature kites instead of sticky chocolate eggs.

An exclusive cocktail menu has been launched for the occasion and for the young ones, free kite-making kits as a nod to widely celebrated Caribbean tradition.



A family dine out at Turtle Bay

Rum Rabbit Rum is the latest alcoholic concoction hopping its way onto the menu for Easter until April 22, featuring a delicious combination of Caribbean flavours including Pusser's dark rum, white cacao and coconut milk.

The signature drink will also include a scoop of chocolate ice cream and will be topped off with a piece of brownie and a Caribbean dumpling dipped in rum caramel sauce.

Even the rim of the glass will be dipped in rum caramel making it the ultimate Easter treat, with a Caribbean twist.

A limited number of kites will be handed out as complementary with food ordered from the Little Turtles kid’s menu.