A LANDOWNER has hit out after being refused permission to build nine bungalows, saying he had hoped to donate some money from the project to a new village hall project.

Ian Locke, owner of Stagecoach Stud in Wix Road, Ramsey, said an application was put forward for the new homes on part of his land by developer Arbora Homes.

But the outline application was turned down by Tendring Council saying the site was outside of the development boundary and would not accommodate nine new homes "in a way that reflects the local character".

An appeal has now also been turned down.

But Mr Locke said the development would have seen a large amount of money got to Essex County Council and also provide some for a new village hall.

He said: "There was a clawback clause in place on the land since 1969, which would have seen 30per cent of the money we would have got for the land go to Essex County Council.

"And we were hoping to put £20,000 to £30,000 towards the new village hall in Ramsey."

Ian said the plans were for bungalows, which he thought would be in keeping with the area.

"I've lived here and owned this land since 1978.

"It's quite frustrating.

"Tendring Council said it could identify it's five year housing supply, but developments aren't being built.

"People feel that some big firms are land-banking."

Ian said some developments with planning permission in the Harwich and surrounding area, like the major Harwich Valley project for homes and a supermarket and cinema, haven't started years after planning permission was given but are being counted towards the housing supply with no idea if they will ever be built.

He added: "I wish I would have said something about my ideas now before the application.

"I know different things happen, some builds put a bit back to the community but in the village I haven't seen anything coming our way.

"It's lost now."