RESIDENTS will head to the polls to decide whether to adopt a plan which could influence the future of hundreds of new homes.

A referendum will be held on the neighbourhood plan for Wivenhoe.

On May 2, alongside council elections, people living in the town will also be asked if they want Colchester Council to use the plan to influence future planning applications.

The plan outlines ten objectives including maintaining Wivenhoe’s rural setting, protecting community facilities and ensuring new homes meet the needs of residents.

Policies also explore how four sites - put forward by land owners - could be developed and see 250 homes built.

The proposals are for up to 25 homes on land off Croquet Gardens, 120 homes on land behind Broadfields, up to 25 homes on land at Elmstead Road and 80 homes on land behind the fire station in Colchester Road.


The plan is asking for the homes across the sites to be made up of 50 for older people, 85 with one or two bedrooms, 75 with three bedrooms and 40 with four bedrooms.

The plan said: “It is considered paramount to provide a housing stock that addresses the needs of all residents of Wivenhoe, not least an ageing population as well as younger first-time home owners, by building homes better suited for older people and more-affordable homes for young people.”

As part of the plan suggestions on the makeup of homes on each site have been revealed.

It includes the homes on Colchester Road being suitable for people aged over 60 and all the homes at Elmstead Road being a maximum of two bedrooms.

The plan also called for green spaces to be kept between Wivenhoe and any development of the Essex University campus and on land north of the A133.

The plan said: “The community of Wivenhoe is particularly concerned about encroachment from any possible expansion of the university campus or other development south of Boundary Road and the A133.

“The community considers it vital a gap is preserved between such growth and the distinct community of Wivenhoe.”

It added the town council would work with Colchester Council and developers to secure a strip of land adjacent to the A133 which would be planted with trees.

In addition, it would ask that a proposed new garden town on land to the north of the A133 should be separated from Greenstead by a green break.

Other parts of the plan include protecting the River Colne, creating new allotments and looking at creating a new sports or multi-purpose hall.

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