A STRING of beach huts have been vandalised by “mindless and pathetic” yobs for the second weekend running.

About seven beach huts along Dovercourt seafront are believed to have been wrecked by hoodlums during the weekend, leaving owners “extremely angry”.

It is the second weekend in a row yobs have targeted the seafront huts after ten were damaged overnight on Saturday, March 30.

A Harwich and Dovercourt Beach Hut Association spokesman has branded the vandalism as “mindless, pathetic stupidity”.

She said: “I think about seven huts have been targeted this time and the owners are extremely angry.

“One of the huts the vandals targeted is the same one as one damaged last weekend.”

The most recent attack is believed to have taken place on Friday night.

It is now the third time beach huts along Dovercourt seafront have been targeted this year.

In February about 15 beach huts were damaged or set on fire.

The spokesman added: “We are doing everything we possibly can to stop this.

“We are hoping the police can take this issue forward quickly as we don’t want vandalism like this happening again.

“For now we are looking at having security overnight, but it is quite dark and eerie along the seafront.

“We just don’t want it happening all of the time.

“This time they really tried to wreck the beach huts.”

She hopes to talk to Tendring Council about the vandalism with the aim of preventing further attacks.

Residents took to social media to voice their concerns on the vandalism.

One user said: “It’s every week now and it’s predictable.

“Why are the police not there?

“You would think they might patrol next weekend.”

A spokesman for Tendring Council said: "I would urge anyone with information about who may have committed these crimes to contact the police.

"We regularly hold meetings with beach hut associations in Tendring, and preventing crime is a standing agenda item - no doubt we will be discussing this incident in more detail then."

Last weekend the council secured the damaged huts and contacted the owners as quickly as possible.