CHILDREN went bananas as they were treated to plenty of chocolate at an Easter-themed activity day.

Go Bananas in Colchester hosted the free Easter event for children aged under five.

It included an Easter Egg hunt around the Tiny Town play area, an egg and spoon race and craft activities.

A total of 30 children took part in the activities.

Sarah Hawes, who was the activity co-ordinator in charge of the event, said the children had a good time and joined in with the activities.

She said: “We had lots of pictures of Easter eggs hidden around Tiny Town and myself and a colleague had chocolate eggs the children could exchange for the paper ones once they had found them.

“They all got really involved which was lovely.

“We also had an egg and spoon race - obviously not using real eggs.

“It was less about racing and more about focussing on balance, and the children were able to swap the rubber eggs for chocolate ones once they completed the course.

“We also ran a craft activity where the children could create marble-effect designs on eggs.

“It was a very busy Easter-themed day.”

The play centre runs a number of free activities throughout the week, using all different themes to keep children entertained.