QUICK-THINKING members of the public who helped save the life of a vulnerable woman who was attempting to jump off a bridge above the A12 have been given commendations by Essex Police.

On Friday, Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington presented awards to ten individuals for acts of bravery and courage across Essex.

Along with serving and off-duty police officers, members of the public Scott Amman, Beverley Jones and Samuel Comiskey were recognised for their rescue efforts in October 2017.

Mr Amman was walking past a bridge over the A12 at Stanway when he noticed a distressed woman who had climbed over the barrier and was attempting to jump onto the carriageway below.

With the help of Ms Jones, Mr Amman engaged the woman in conversation until Essex Police arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile Mr Comiskey, who was driving on the dual carriageway, spotted the woman and used his vehicle to block the road below the bridge.

He then made his way up to the bridge and gave the Force Control Room more exact location details of where the incident was unfolding.

The woman was eventually pulled to safety by a police officer and a member of the public.

The quick-thinking trio were commended for their compassion and decisive action which Essex Police say undoubtedly saved her life.

Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington said: “It brings me great pleasure to host these ceremonies to celebrate ordinary individuals taking extraordinary steps to help save the lives of others, protect the vulnerable and keep the people of Essex safe.

“We give an extra special well done to three members of the public who went out of their way to help an extremely vulnerable lady and one of our police staff members and her husband who confronted a burglar, providing our officers with vital information.

“It might be what our officers, staff and volunteers do on a daily basis but their actions are courageous and I take great pride in being able to award them.”