SEARCHING for a second park and ride site in a bid to battle congestion and pollution is one of the plans announced in Colchester Liberal Democrats’ latest manifesto.

The party has revealed ambitious plans to combat air quality and gridlock across the town in the run up to Colchester Council elections on May 2.

These include expanding the use of Colchester Park and Ride, including looking for a second site, and securing funding for a community hopper bus to serve Colchester Hospital.

Party bosses have pledged to deliver a new town centre masterplan in response to the public outcry over Alumno’s proposed development of St Botolph’s promising to “consult afresh and build a consensus”.

There is no mention of garden communities but the party commits to a new building programme of council homes.

Another unique proposal is to create a drug testing facility on the town’s SOS bus.

Clubs and pubs could be given a Naxolone spray kit to revive those who have overdosed in a bid to boost safety for partygoers.

Martin Goss, leader of Colchester Liberal Democrats, said the party could be trusted to deliver on its promises.

“We promised to clean up Colchester and we have with a major programme of deep cleaning,” he said.

“We have added over 70 new recycling and new gum bins plus new memorial benches.

“We have new cleaning equipment and more front-line staff and addressed a major complaint by carrying out an extensive clean of the A12.

“All great examples of delivery and renewal for Colchester residents.”

In the manifesto the Lib Dems say they want to “divorce the county council” and make Colchester a unitary authority.

Cash boosts for community policing, highways improvements and youth projects are also promised.

Chairman Callum Robertson said: “This election we are defending a record of success, fiscally competent, environmentally friendly and putting money into the policing crisis whilst the Tories starve them of money.

“Another year of a Lib Dem led council will continue to deliver and this manifesto promises just that.”

Colchester Council is run by a coalition of the Lib Dems, Labour and Highwoods Independents.

The Conservative Party is the biggest group on Colchester Council, but lack an overall majority by one seat.

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