BALLSY charity bosses kicked off testicular cancer awareness month by sending a pair of balls into outer space.

Prosthetic testicles used by the Robin Cancer Trust were launched 22 miles into the upper stratosphere.

Founder and chief executive officer Toby Freeman said: “This delivered something we’ve never seen before – a balls-eye view of the UK – and our aim is to reach every man in the country with our life-saving message.

“We want to stop young men dying from this incredibly curable form of cancer.

“We wanted something with a national reach and what can be better than having them seen directly above the country.”


The prosthetics previously used in demonstrations by the charity will now be put on display after heading into space attached to a hydrogen balloon.

The Robin Cancer Trust was founded in 2012 after Robin Freeman, died aged just 24.

He had a rare form of testicular cancer and the charity in his name was set up to encourage men and women to check for signs of germ cell cancers.

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