A MOTHER and her young son have been left homeless after a car crashed into the front of their home in Rowhedge.

The black BMW vehicle smashed into Bethany Teague’s property, in Regent Street, late on Thursday afternoon.

Luckily Ms Teague and her three-year-old son Finn Harris were not inside the house at the time, however the impact caused a large leak inside and the rented property has been left temporarily uninhabitable.

Mark Harris, Ms Teague’s ex-partner and Finn’s father, rushed to the scene after being told what had happened.

“I got a bit of shock when I turned up,” he said.

“It is not something you see every day.

“You don’t expect to see it in real life it is something you expect to see when watching the telly.”

The car, which had three people including a child inside, is believed to have first crashed into a vehicle near the front of the property at around 4.30pm.

It then careered into the front of the house, knocking a support beam and partially collapsing the wall into the living room.

Mr Harris said: “It appears the driver reversed into the car and panicked.

“Mr ex-partner was walking down the road at the time so she saw it happen. It is her car the vehicle hit too.

“The damage is really quite bad. A supporting pillar next to the door has been cracked.

“The radiator was knocked off the inside wall so there was quite a large leak inside the property.

“When I left the scene builders were putting new supports in to prevent the house collapsing completely.”

Emergency services rushed to the scene and were forced to close Regent Street whilst the area was made safe.

Amazingly none of the occupants of the car suffered serious injury and no one had to be transported to hospital.

Mr Harris said: “There were police cars and an ambulance which blocked the road for a couple of hours and people were coming to have a look wondering what had happened.

“The car had to be towed away as it was a write off.

“My son will be staying with me whilst they move out what they need to.

“They won’t be able to live in the house until at least the leak is sorted out.

“The builders have made it secure and hopefully they will be able to move back in once that is fixed.”

The East of England Ambulance Service confirmed one ambulance was sent to the scene at 4.33pm on Thursday.