Rockstar, Headgate Theatre, Colchester. Until Saturday, March 30. 01206 366000.

One of the most exciting things about being a theatre reviewer is having the opportunity to see new work.

To see a piece that might possibly go on to massive things, and when that happens you can smugly say, you saw it first.

Olly Medlicott is an annoyingly talented individual, haven written the music, the lyrics, and the story to his new musical Rockstar.

But all jealousy aside, he's a name to look out for.

I'm not sure whether this is the show that will propel him to the success he so obviously deserves but it certainly demonstrates what a prospect he might be for any West End producer with a bit of foresight.

Not all of the songs in Rockstar work but there are enough memorable ones in there to leave you humming them well after the curtain has gone down. And Olly is smart enough to realise the standout one is, Sometimes I See The Past, so makes sure it gets a refrain or two.

As well as the music, Olly has written a nicely drawn out story about the rise and fall of a rock band with some smart deft touches including using social media commentators to drive the narrative along, although I would have stuck with just one familiar group rather than three, and the clever way he handles the fall of the band.

The characters are also great, ably assisted by having a cracking cast to play them including Will Mugford and Thomas Pleasant, whose partnership extends beyond the songwriting, and the sublime vocals of Angie Diggens and Shannon Hannah.

If you get the chance, go and see it. Rockstar is a little rough around the edges but with a bit of work, its potential is ridiculously exciting.

Neil D'Arcy-Jones