A DARING duo are set to challenge for a new world record... by recording the fastest speed on a tuk tuk.

Russell Shearman has been accepted by The Guinness World of Records to challenge the current record speed of 68mph on a Tuk Tuk, a vehicle which is popularly used for tourist taxi rides in Asian Countries such as Thailand.

Alongside his cousin, Matt Everard, from Billericay, the 49,-year-old from Tiptree, will bid to beat the record at the Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire.

To ensure his tuk tuk is up to scratch for the challenge, the duo launched a £20,000 revamp to make the vehicle faster and more efficient.

After taking five months to complete, the rebuild of the three wheeled machine included replacing the engine with a modern 1300cc fuel-injected Daihatsu motor, which can boost the tuk tuk to speeds in excess of 90mph.

Rear wheels, twin cooling radiators and many original tuk tuk parts which were imported from Thailand, were also installed.

Matt said: “I’ve always drove the tuk tuk for fun, but I wanted a purpose to use it for.

“I found out nobody had challenged it before, so I decided to bring my cousin who is an adrenaline junkie with me.

“He loves doing stuff like jumping out of planes, and I’m a car and motorbike man myself, so it seemed like the perfect idea.”

The tuk tuk was bought on eBay in 2017, with just previous owners since 1992.

Today, Billericay residents often see Matt and his tuk tuk driving around town, gathering a lot of attention because of its uniqueness and colour.

Alluding to the vehicle’s infamous “tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk” sound, he now says people know he’s coming before they even se him.

He added: “The sound was so loud and distinctive that my wife said that she could hear me arriving home before she could see me.”

Barrington Freight, Matt’s Basildon based company, has sponsored the duo who will attempt to break the record on May 13.

Thrilled to be attempting the record, Matt said: “I’m very excited at the prospect of being a World Record holder.

“I’ve been a big fan of the concept since my childhood watching the BBC TV Show Record Breakers with Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter as hosts.”

The duo have also partnered with the motor sport event company, Straightliners Ltd, in Yorkshire, who have provided the venue for many previous world record attempts, including those on motorbikes and other unusual vehicles like “The World’s Fastest Shed” and “The World’s Fastest Toilet.”

Later in the year, a second event has been planned which will put Matt and Russel’s Tuk Tuk to the test.

Mr Everard has challenged Kevin Nicks, the owner of the world’s fastest shed, to a drag race at the same venue.

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