YELLOW flowers are the most popular choice to gift this Mother's Day as the colour of joy and radiance.

A recent study by leading online florists Serenata Flowers uncovered that when choosing colours, yellow, known to signify happiness, joy and a special bond, is the best for Essex customers.

A grateful burst of pink follows next, a colour well associated with gentleness but can also represent happiness and love.


Purple, the third most popular colour within the bunch, is the most royal of all the colours emitting admiration and adoration, followed by hues of pure and innocent creams and whites.

The language of flowers, known as floriography is a type of cryptic communication method through the arrangement of flowers.

Floriography dates back to the Victorian era and was used to share secret messages with friends and loved ones.



This is how bouquets differ across London, Essex, Yorkshire, Kent, Hampshire and Devon

A spokesman for Serenata said: "As a nation of flower givers, it seems we select flowers which represent more than the occasion of which we're buying for.

"This study of customer purchasing data has shown us many factors can attribute to our colour choices."


Not all of those bouquets will be genuine gifts though.

Serenata's survey of 1,000 British adults found 57 per cent of single mums admit to buying themselves gifts “from the kids” on Mother’s Day, spending £50 on average.

Almost one in four women admitted to buying themselves a card too for their children to sign and give back to them.

But it is not all bad, British adults are still breaking their piggy banks to treat mums with the average Brit intending to spend £17 for Mothering Sunday tomorrow.

For any mums whose children fall into the one in three adults not gifting anything, sorry.


A gift wrapped in a pink ribbon. Picture: Serenata Flowers

Lucia Polla, marketing manager at, said: “It’s amazing to see so many single mums making the decision to treat themselves to a Mother’s Day gift, and rightly so.

"Single mums deserve to feel appreciated and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for everything they do for their kids to be recognised with something special, no matter what the cost. 

“For children wanting to invest in a gift, treating mum doesn’t need to break the bank, especially when there are so many great value products out there to choose from.

It’s the thought that counts, which as cliché as it is to say - is the truth.”

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Confectionary – 65 per cent 

Flowers - 42 per cent 

Candles – 29 per cent

Jewellery – 25 per cent

Alcohol – 21 per cent

Photo frame – 18 per cent

Appliances – 17 per cent

Gift card – 15 per cent

Cosmetics – 13 per cent

Spa day – 8 per cent