Alan Rayment, the new chief executive of Bradwell B nuclear power station, omits to say long-term highly radioactive waste, including spent fuel, stores would also be built at Bradwell should the new nuclear power station go ahead (Gazette, March 16, Bradwell B chief on his links to Essex and plans for future).

In the past, spent fuel and other wastes were removed to Sellafield from Bradwell A.

However, the spent fuel from Bradwell B would be required to remain on site for at least 50 years after operations ceased, i.e towards the middle of next century, before it could be removed.

It cannot possibly be known what state the site will be in by then owing to climate change.

But removed when and to where? There is still no concept or site for a national nuclear waste repository.

I hope Mr Rayment is not referring to Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group, with whom he met recently, when he says people with concerns about nuclear might be misinformed.

We are likely to be better informed than most and are chaired by a leading world expert in the field of radioactive waste management.

Varrie Blowers

Secretary, Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group

West Mersea