Ain't Misbehavin', Mercury Theatre, Colchester. Until March 30. 01206 573948.

Right, let's get the glaringly obvious problem with this show out of the way.

It's not a musical, a musical revue perhaps, but definitely not a musical as you might understand it.

If you're after a biographical piece, despite it being billed as the Fats Waller Musical, there's nothing about the acclaimed jazz pianist leaving school to play the organ at the Lincoln Theatre in Harlem at 15 or being one of the founders of modern jazz.

In fact the poor old musicians get a rum old deal in this show. The pianist, musical director Alex Cockle, who is incredible by the way, has his back to us for most of the performance, while the rest of the band are partly hidden behind huge gold plinths. Pity the poor drummer, Blake Cascoe, who doesn't even get on the stage.

Now that's said, if, however, you're after a slam dunking, toe-tapping, electrifying mash-up of some of the best jazz standards ever, beautifully sung, matched with breathtaking dance moves, then this is the show for you.

And it appeared at this week's press night, the audience definitely were.

With a sumptuous glittering set that took us into the jazz clubs of the Twenties, the stars of this show are most definitely the awe-inspiring cast of Adrian Hansel, Carly Mercedes Dyer, Landi Oshinowo, Renee Lamb and Wayne Robinson.

They sing, perfectly, breathlessly and with style, sass and panache. And then they dance, gracefully and energetically in equal measure to the glorious choreographical moves of Strictly's Oti Mabuse.

I was exhausted just watching them in the comfort of my own seat.

Praise must also go to director Tyrone Huntley for incorporating elements of storytelling when he could, alluding to the drinking, the drugs, the seedier side, and of course the love, passion and the music that was such an important part of the period.

A resounding smash hit, if you're ok with just the songs and the moves.