I AM writing, albeit slightly belatedly, about recent coverage of secondary education in Colchester.

I feel in both articles, one about subscription levels for school places and secondly about Progress 8 scores which was published on January 24, the Gazette is understating the recognised international strength of the town’s two grammar schools.

These two schools have educated many thousands of local people since their inception and in many of these cases provided education to less financially fortunate children who otherwise would not have been able to benefit from such an opportunity.

Many of these children have, as adults, remained loyal to Colchester and contributed substantially to the local economy and community.

The fact Colchester County High School was the joint best performing school in the whole of the UK got barely more than a cursory one line comment on January 24.

I would suggest the Daily Telegraph’s article of the same day gave the school greater prominence.

In recent years, when either the Girls’ High or Colchester Royal Grammar School produced such high rankings, coverage in the Gazette seemingly suggests a bias against the two selective schools in the town.

The fact is, whether people like the concept of grammar schools (and clearly there are also other schools in the town which are performing well), the two selective schools in Colchester have consistently overachieved and have proved to be a fantastic community asset.

I am somewhat underwhelmed the Gazette, which should be shouting from the rooftops about Colchester County High School and Colchester Royal Grammar School, has seemingly failed to recognise this.

Michael O’Brien