A CRAFTY project is bringing women of all ages together.

The Dangerous Pockets Project was launched by Paula MacGregor from Colchester.

The idea is for people of all ages to create a pocket which will be stitched onto a red chord as part of an exhibit.

Paula took the project to a Snapping the Stiletto event at Essex University on International Women’s Day and it was a great hit.

She said: “We now have 100 pockets in the collection, which is growing daily from all parts of the world.

“The project is bringing people together of all ages - and helping to break social isolation, as well as encouraging conversation about matters of health, fairness and general wellbeing.

“It is being used therapeutically and has a cathartic effect on many.”

Paula has received pockets from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

She said: “Some of the pockets are coming with interesting stories. One lady wanted to make a pocket but had no idea what it should be.

“Then a handbag full of bits and bobs turned up at the charity shop where she works, and she made her pocket from those contents and it is gorgeous.

“Many people are saying the pockets are cathartic and therapeutic helping them work through recent surgery and unpleasant treatments, and issues from their past.

“Others have said the pockets have awakened their creativity.”

The travelling exhibition is being shown around England.

Paula is hoping to have a final exhibition back in Colchester to tie in with International Women’s Day in March next year.

Pockets can be made out of any “upcycled” materia, and a couple of holes must be added to the back corners so they can be threaded onto a red cord.

To find out where to send them visit paulamacgregor.com or search for Dangerous Pockets Project on Facebook.