PARENTS with buggies are being forced to take their lives in their hands and walk in the road due to a giant earth installed to stop flooding, it has been claimed.

Residents of a new Taylor Wimpey development in Warren Lane, Stanway, are having to bypass the dirt construction by stepping into the busy carriageway on their way to Stanway Fiveways Primary School.

Ward councillor Lesley Scott-Boutell said she has raised the issue with Essex Highways after receiving a number of complaints from concerned parents.

She said: “Apparently the land is Essex Highways land and the bund was put in by them because of surface water.

“We have a situation now where mums are having to walk in the road unless they choose to double the length of their journey.

“It is incredibly dangerous for parents. When I visited the area I stood there with my heart in my mouth when I was watching people in the road.

“I could see secondary age students from Stanway School walking home in the road too on their own.”

Mrs Scott-Boutell said Essex Highways should have investigated the issues with flooding before the estate plans were approved.

“Essex Highways should have explored options before sending in their response to the development,” she said.

“When the application went in they should have considered a proper footway and looked at the surface water then.

“I am not happy with the buck being passed to Colchester Council to sort out.”

Essex Highways said improvements were being investigating as a priority.

A spokesman said: “Essex Highways is working closely with Colchester Council and the developers, including Taylor Wimpey’s site here, to co-ordinate works in Stanway to maintain access and safety for the public at all times.

“We are working urgently on short-term solutions while permanent improvements are made.

“We are ensuring that links for pedestrians and cyclists are built in to the Stanway Western Bypass, Lakelands and Egremont Way.

“There is a Traffic Regulation Order in force which prohibits vehicles from part of Dyers Road which will become a quiet lane or green lane for walking and cycling in safety.”