QUICK-THINKING six-year-olds worked together to stand guard over a knife they discovered on a field.

The three boys, including Kaiden Bailey-Heap and Mylo Burrell, were playing on a field popular with children off Vista Road, Clacton, when they made the startling discovery.

Kaiden’s mum Nicola Heap said: “We meet at the bottom of the field to wait for the older kids to come out of the nearby High School.

“We could see the kids playing at the other end of the field and one came running over and told us they had found a knife.

“Although only six years old, the boys stayed by the knife so no-one could touch it or pick it up while they ran to us to alert us.

“They knew at such a young age they had to work together and they knew the right thing to do.

“Had they not been so brave and sensible it could have been a very different story.”

The knife, which had a brown handle and was described by Ms Heap as a ‘steak knife’, was found near to a set of rugby posts.

The shocked parents immediately called the police after the youngsters made the discovery at around 3.30pm on February 26.

Officers arrived at the scene and removed the knife.

Ms Heap said: “The police attended very quickly, Kaiden went running over and showed the police where it was.

“The last thing you want is for a child to pick the knife up and start messing around with it.

“It’s quite concerning to find this, especially on a rugby field where children play.

“What if a child had fallen on it or stepped on the blade?

“In light of what has been happening recently with knife crime it’s very concerning.”

The three boys, all pupils at Burrsville Infant Academy, in Clacton, received praise for their actions.

Ms Heap added: “Two of the boys attend 7th and 12th Beavers and have been awarded certificates and badges, presented by a local police officer for their bravery and quick thinking.

“Everyone is so proud of their actions at such a young age.”