My passport is British. I can't leave or return to my home land without it. That's a privilege to behold

My surname means (Francis) Frenchman or can mean "stranger in the land" often used for Jewish people.

The first record of the name is in Scotland, where Frenchmen served King David I.

My mother and father hailed from Cardiff and were proud of their Welsh heritage. Something I have adopted, with fervour

Yet my maternal grandmother was from Cork and my paternal grandmother from Milan. I have inherited her Italian complexion.

My paternal grandfather was Llewelyn, originally from Pembrokeshire.

My maternal grandfather was Charles and from Devon. He ran away from home and walked to Cardiff at 13 and sought a fortune

I went to Antigua in the Caribbean some years ago, where I found a prevalence of my surname. This means I could be related to white slavers and I could be related to black slaves

I am a fully fledged Christian. This means I am fully committed to be "one new man" and therefore, spiritually, fully grafted on to God's chosen people, the Jews.

I enjoy good health, supported by the NHS. I had a great, free, education. I enjoy freedom and freedom of speech. I am in the top 20 per cent in terms of universal wealth yet I live in a church owned almshouse and I am considered in the low income bracket.

I've had far too much pain in my life. I see far too much pain in my neighbourhood and the world

I love Six Nations Rugby tournament. You never know whose going to win. In the end everyone wins because it has a unique camaraderie which is unshakable.

I get an identity from my love of rugby football, a tough game played by incredible people who take the big hits and just get on with it.

I am not a political animal. I consider this nation is very unique and has blessed the world many times in many ways to our own detriment

I believe we are a unique combination of variant humanity and we take the knocks very well.

It is the "Dunkirk Spirit" which has made us the great nation we will continue to be.

Can we get on with that please.

Tony Francis

Main Road, Harwich