Many people trying to get on the property ladder or move home are looking for the best deal.

We've taken a look back at the sale data from the Land Registry for the last two years to find the most affordable streets in the Colchester area.

Last year the least expensive home sold in Colchester was £69,000 for a flat in Middleborough.

Since January 2017 the cheapest property sold was a flat in Springfields, Brightlingsea, which changed hands for £50,000.

Here are the roads where you will have to part with less than a £100,000 to get yourself a home.

De Grey Road, Colchester

The road off Severalls Lane has flats which sell for as much as £100,000 but there are some less expensive properties to be found.

Since January 2017 nine homes have been sold for less than £95,000.

The cheapest was sold for £90,000.

The Dell, Colchester

Retirement apartments in The Dell, Colchester, just off Priory Street are regularly selling for less than £90,000.

Since January 2017 six flats have been sold with the cheapest at £82,000.

Hunting Gate, Colchester

Three properties have been sold in Hunting Gate for under £100,000 since January 2017.

The road, off Greenstead Road, has seen one home sold for £65,000.

The others went for £80,000 and £87,500.

Sheepen Place, Colchester

Homes in Sheepen Place, off Middleborough in the town centre, is considered another affordable place to get on the property ladder.

Four homes have been sold since January 2017 with the cheapest selling for £94,500.

The others sold for £96,500; £97,000 and £100,000.

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East Street, Colchester

Flats in East Street have sold for £78,500; £95,000 and £97,500 since January 2017.

The homes are close to the railway line and a number of small shops and takeaway restaurants.

Maldon Road, Colchester

Homes in Maldon Road range on the spectrum from houses selling for more than £500,000 to those which go for just £91,000.

Since January 2017 four homes have sold for under £100,000.

The cheapest sold for £86,000.