Reading the Gazette on March 4 I see Essex County Council has put in £39,000 and Colchester Council £147,000 towards a 7.8 metre sculpture.

What a complete waste of money.

It will be a hazard when you come up to the roundabout, as your vision will be blocked.

What the councils should be spending money on is:

1. Pavements on the High Street,

2. Potholes, particularly at East Gates,

3. Extra police to patrol the streets,

4. Tree surgery in Harsnett Road, where branches are above and touching roofs and roots are putting up patients.

I will not be paying my council tax bill this year until this crazy idea is cancelled.

Planning decisions in Colchester have hit rock bottom.

So on May 2, please vote for a new councillors who will not waste our money.

Ken Bibby

Harsnett Road, Colchester