"IT'S time we look to change law over illegal camps".

This was a headline in the Gazette on February 27.

I would prefer it to be: "It's time to welcome travellers to our area and provide numerous transit, local authority and private sites", or is it the case of cart before the horse again by this Government.

We celebrate multiculturalism, so I can't understand the mentality of supposedly educated people in authority.

Thousands of travellers arrive in Appleby-in-Westmorland each year to enjoy the fair. Meetings are held with the council and police to ensure provision is made.

We talk of a north/south divide, but perhaps there are more brains in the north, or perhaps the people are just more welcoming.

It would be interesting to know the amount of money paid to Essex County Council by Tendring and Colchester councils when enforcement officers are needed.

Obviously there is too much taxpayers' money in the coffers, after all, a very large elephant is just what we need.

Christine Akins

Deben Road, Colchester