HEARTLESS thieves have left sheltered housing residents isolated after stealing their mobility scooter batteries.

Crooks forced open a gate storing mobility scooters belonging to residents of Wimborne House, in Marine Parade, Dovercourt.

Three scooters are believed to have had their batteries and chargers stolen during the incident.

A resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was one of the victims of the theft.

She said: “All the scooters belonging to the residents are kept in a locked cage but anyone walking by can see them.

“Someone cut through all the fencing and took my scooter’s charger and battery and it’s only a few months old.

“They did this to three scooters altogether.”

The 65-year-old said she was extremely upset when she found out her scooter was targeted by thieves.

“I can’t get out without mine as I am severely disabled, so I haven’t been able to go to the shops or anywhere,” she added.

“I struggled on crutches for years but I saved up and bought myself a mobility scooter three months ago.

“When I saw it had been vandalised I burst into tears.

“I didn’t think such nasty people existed around here.”

The woman’s scooter will cost about £200 to have have its stolen parts replaced but she is worried the thieves will return.

She said: “I am worried once the scooter and the gate is fixed they will come back.”

Wimborne House is managed by Sanctuary Housing and consists of 31 flats.

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing said: “We contacted the police after discovering the locked gate to the scooter store had been forced open and a number of scooter batteries had been stolen.

“We are making sure affected residents have additional help following this heartless theft and would ask anyone who believes they may have information about it to call the police.

“We are also looking at additional security options for the scooter store.”

The raid happened last Tuesday night and anyone with information should call 101.