PARATROOPERS are testing their desert skills alongside troops in Jordan.

Colchester-based B Company, the 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment is working alongside troops from 3rd Company, 81st Battalion of the Mohammed Bin Zayed Quick Reaction Force Brigade for four weeks as part of Exercise Olive Grove.

The training allows the soldiers to share and build up their skills in the desert conditions.

Major Robin Rowell, Officer Commanding B Coy, 2 Para, said: “Exercise Olive Grove is all about partnership, and both the British and Jordanian units will come away with improved capabilities.

“Starting from individual soldiers and building towards both companies working side-by-side, we’ve understood more about the kit and tactics we each use and learnt from each other.

“The desert is austere and inhospitable terrain that has really tested our paratroopers, and the Jordanians have taught us how to use what cover there is and the need to bring more firepower into the fight on such open ground.

Major Rowell said that both troops have bonded well during the exercise and develop their cultural understanding.