THE site of a former warehouse could be redeveloped into an eight storey block with more than 280 student rooms.

Lanswood Limited, based at Elmstead Market, has submitted outline plans to Colchester Council for the land in Hawkins Road.

It wants to build the an eight storey block with 282 rooms and café area on the former storage warehouse for printing firm Spottiswoode Ballantyne.

The plans include three types of rooms – 13.7 square metre space with en suites and communal kitchen areas, 21 square metre rooms with en suites and kitchenette facilities and 28 square metre accessible rooms for those with disabilities.

In a planning statement Lanswood said it had developed the plans to “provide as much light and privacy to the rooms as possible”.

The rooms are designed to be used by students studying at Essex University but the developer said it would not exclude students from other colleges.


It said: “The scheme has been designed as a single block, centred in the site to respect the neighbouring buildings.

“The development will be up to eight storeys in height, constructed using a simple and limited palette of materials.

“The accommodation is a mixture of self-catering for students at Essex University with a total of 282 rooms using three separate sizes and formats.

“The Hythe area is undergoing major changes and the proposal seeks to further enhance the built environment and support the urban transformation.”

Lanswood said the bid would not cause extra strain for health care in the area.

The health impact assessment said: “It will not increase the headline population within Colchester, instead offering wider accommodation choices for students as they will have access to the health centre and student support services on the university campus.”

Colchester Council has the final say on the plans.