KIND-HEARTED car fanatics have donated a mini Tesla vehicle to the town’s hospital to bring a smile to the face of poorly children.

The Tesla Owners Group UK gifted the RadioFlyer electric car to Colchester Hospital’s children’s ward at a special presentation ceremony.

Guest of honour at the unveiling was three-year-old Isabella-Faith Wragg, who is a regular visitor to the hospital as she is waiting for a liver transplant.

Rachel Gledhill, Isabella-Faith’s mum, said: “Isabella loved it, she says it’s her favourite car.

“I bought her in on Tuesday because she was really short of breath and kept being sick with a temperature of 40.6C.

“She was sent back home after two hours with antibiotics to treat a lower respiratory tract infection or pneumonia.

“Driving the car was a nice change for her, she was so happy.”

Tesla Owners Group UK has about 4,000 members and thanks to their generosity the group has managed to donate 150 of the vehicles to children’s wards and hospices across the country.

The scheme has even drawn attention from the firm’s billionaire chief executive officer Elon Musk, who promised to match any donations from the group.

Julian Brooks picked the vehicle up from the group’s distribution centre and delivered it safely to the hospital.

He said: “A few owners came up with the idea of distributing the cars because at the time there was a referral programme where if you bought a Tesla you got one of these cars.

“There were people who had these mini cars but they didn’t have children to give them to so the campaign started.

“It soon became clear a lot of people wanted to contribute and so we have been fundraising to buy them.

“I was amazed by how many people volunteered to contribute cash and people have held auctions to raise money.

“Some of the kids use them to make their way down the hospital corridors to distract them from going to surgery.”

Deryn Harvey, Tesla Owners Group UK co-ordinator, said: “The car is sure to bring joy and alleviate anxiety in young children in hospital.

“Colchester Hospital is especially deserving as it was nominated by one of our members in gratitude for the great service provided to his children.”

Matron, Amy Bruce said “I’m so pleased Isabella was the first person to have a go in the car.

"She’s such a fighter and despite her very serious condition she keeps smiling.

"All our children will gain so much pleasure from this very generous gift.

"It’s going to be extremely popular around the ward. So thank you very much to everyone at the Tesla Owners Group.”