HORRIFIED neighbours made the grim discovery of their friend’s body after realising they had not seen him all day.

Gordon McGhee, 52, was found dead in his flat in Forest Road, Colchester, in August having suffered several stab wounds.

Danny Bostock, of Berberis Walk, was later arrested having allegedly killed Mr McGhee by stabbing him 17 times in a bid to get hold of his coin collection.

The pair, who knew each other, had been socialising with two of Mr McGhee’s female neighbours and another man in the hours before the alleged murder in the courtyard of the block of flats.

Mr McGhee was helped to bed by a one of his neighbours after drinking too much and she too went home.

But in the early hours of the morning, Mr McGhee returned to the others asking for cannabis, which he was handed, before going back to his flat and going to bed without locking the door.

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After he had gone to bed with the drugs, the party broke up when one of the women cut themselves and a taxi was ordered to take them to Colchester Hospital leaving Bostock outside the flats alone.

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, said: “That morning a delivery driver from Boots arrived at the flats with some medication.

“Mr McGhee would usually come out but on this occasion he didn’t.

“Shortly after 2.30pm his neighbours knocked on the door.

“It was unlocked, so they went inside and made the grim discovery of Mr McGhee’s body and the gas taps on his cooker were on full flow.

“The body was cold to the touch and had multiple stab wounds.”

The attack had started while Mr McGhee was still in bed. He suffered wounds to his face, neck, trunk and defensive-style cuts to his arms and hands as he tried to fend off the attacker.

The property had been searched and there was evidence of someone wearing gloves disturbing the patches of blood.

Mr Jackson described Mr McGhee has someone who was kind and caring but suffered with medical issues including diabetes and struggled with his mobility.

He added that he liked to drink vodka and occasionally smoke cannabis but had no enemies whatsoever.

Bostock, 33, denies murder and attempted arson after allegedly trying to cause a gas explosion before leaving the flat.

The trial continues.