THUNDERBIRDS’ veteran David Graham has added his iconic voice to a “tongue in cheek” script to be performed on Mersea Island at an upcoming puppet-themed event.

A recording featuring the voice of chauffeur Nosey Parker, who is also known as playing Peppa Pig’s granddad, will be played live at the MICA Centre while other famous faces act out the rest.

Although 93-year-old David Graham is unable to attend the RNLI fundraiser next month, he jumped at the chance to be involved.

Event organiser Graham Farley wrote the script especially for Rescue 1 and recorded it with the man himself at David’s home in north London.

Graham said: “I just had this idea of Parker coming to Mersea centered on Lady Penelope’s pink Rolls Royce getting stuck on the Strood. It’s completely tongue in cheek.

“To sit opposite him and see how he works being a voiceover was incredible. It’s like Parker from the Sixties is alive again.


Chauffeur puppet Nosey Parker. PICTURE: ITV

“I wrote the script before taking it to him for edits, which I thought he would do because he knows the character best, and then we collaborated.

“From my point of view it was interesting to see what his response was to the script, which was positive because he recorded it.

“He’s a keen supporter of the RNLI and probably one of the best known voice artists there is.”

David is still the voice of Parker in Thunderbirds Are Go, a modern animated version.

Dee Anderson, whose parents created the original Thunderbirds, is one of the special guests bringing the script to life as Lady Penelope, following in her mum Sylvia’s footsteps.

She will be joined on stage by Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman, the voices of brothers Scott and Alan Tracy, who are returning to Mersea just for Rescue 1.

The event on March 16 will give fans access to 15 of the original puppets, vehicles, a lifesize replica of a Dalek and Thunderbirds special effects director Brian Johnson.

Graham added: “David would loved to have come but he’s 94 in a couple of months so at that age, you can understand.”

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