A MAN accused of hurling boiling water at someone he knew was in the UK illegally, the Home Office has confirmed.

Police were guarding a separate scene at the junction of Colchester High Street and George Street at 11am on Monday when they were approached by a man who was distressed.

It soon became clear to police he had been hurt and officers retrieved a large container of water from the nearby George Hotel to douse the man's injuries and stripped him to the waist.

During his initial treatment, the man pointed out someone nearby to officers who then chased him along the High Street.

He was eventually apprehended by police in West Stockwell Street and taken to custody.

Police have confirmed the victim was taken to hospital with injuries which were thought to be serious and that he had boiling water thrown at him.

The victim and the alleged perpetrator are known to each other.

The man was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and immigration offences and after initially being questioned by officers, was transferred to the custody of the Home Office.

They have now confirmed his case is being progressed.

A spokesman said: "Home Office immigration officers were contacted by Essex Police on Monday after police officers attended an incident in Colchester involving a man from Turkey.

"After interview it was found that he was an illegal entrant to the UK.

"He was referred to the Home Office for possible immigration offences and must now report to Immigration Enforcement while his case is progressed."

Police had been on the scene because of the double stabbing - one of which was fatal.

A man was taken to hospital with serious injuries after being attacked in George Street, while Carl Hopkins, 49, was found dead in nearby Ryegate Road on Monday morning.

Passersby had initially thought he was asleep but he had died after being stabbed in the lung.

Police believe the two stabbings are connected - and drug related - but have confirmed the boiling water incident is completely separate.